Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi Will Bring Back the Child in You

The world’s first Ferrari themed amusement park which is aptly named Ferrari World is located inYas Island, in Abu Dhabi. It holds the proud record for the most massive space frame structure ever built by humanity. The exorbitant power and wealth of Ferrari are exhibited here in all its glory. This 900,000 square meters amusement park is a mammoth where entertainment is concerned. Showcasing splendour and grandeur at every corner, this place is a dream come true for all those who are still young at heart. And, did I mention that it houses the World’s fastest rollercoaster? So, what are you waiting for?! Hop on your Emirates flight and fly over to Abu Dhabi! You can easily avail the Emirates airlines web check-in facility and ensure a hassle-free, comfortableflight to Abu Dhabi!

  1. Bell Italia

A ride in a small-scale Ferrari- a 250 Californian circa 1958, for those who are below the height of 1.2 m that is 4 ft, through the breath-taking landscape of Italy is indeed a treat for the kids!

  1. Bennos Great Race

A ride for the whole family is here! This magical and oversized world full of interactive challenges, with a plethora of special effects and unforgettable characters, makes the ride an immense joy for your young one as he or she strives to help Benno win the real life’s race!

  1. Cinema Maranello

This grand Italian theatre transports you back to the 1920s where you glimpse the life of Enzo Ferrari as he made his dream come true!

  1. Driving Experience

Drive around Yas Island, mastering the wheel of a Ferrari. A Ferrari trainer will teach you how to drive a Ferrari, so that you do not overspeed it, and die. With space for two more people, it can be a fun drive to be enjoyed with friends or family!

  1. Driving with the Champion

This cinematic motion-based simulator lets you climb aboard and become a trainee engineer. Hit the streets of Maranello at fearsome speeds and compete with the expert!

  1. Fast Lane

This racy and interactive game show puts your Ferrari knowledge to the test. Think you are the best? Why don’t you let the Fast Lane decide? Maybe if you are the best, you will get the much-acclaimed crown of the fast Lane Champion!

  1. Fiorano GT Challenge

This coaster car is a replica of the Ferrari F430 Spider. With a speed of 95kmh, you can challenge and compete with your friends on parallel tracks, but with exhilarating manoeuvres which will leave you breathless.

  1. Flying Aces

This military bi-plane rollercoaster has the tallest loop of 52m in the world, with 10 zero gravity experiences and a travelling speed of 120kmh. It can be safely said that it is not for those of a faint heart or a weak stomach.

  1. Formula Rossa

Ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster! Strap on your goggles and brace yourself to be blasted forward at a speed of 240 km in 4.9 seconds! Experience a speed faster than any F1 car out there!

  1. Galleria Ferrari

A museum or a gallery dedicated to Ferraris. What else does a Ferrarienthusiastwant? See all the models and designs of the Ferraris and get in-depth knowledge about them!

  1. Junior Grand Prix

With a speed range of 0-6 km for the tiny tots, the car sizes are half the size of the actual Ferrari. But your kids will still get to drive quite realistically!

  1. Junior GT

Similar to the Junior Grand Prix, this ride helps to educate your child in traffic rules as well as driving with a track complete with traffic signals, stop lights as well as roads having divider lanes!

  1. Karting Academy

Go go-karting in the first electricity powered go-karts in the region! Get your competitive streak on and buzz through your competitors by showing off your racing skills to people!

  1. La Piazza Show

Performed daily in the La Piazza stage, Abu Dhabi’s famed street performers claim the stage with their fun and exciting shows from various genres!

  1. Made in Maranello

Go tour the Ferrari factory and see how exactly a Ferrari is made, from scratch. A complete insight into the manufacturing process of Ferraris will be an out of the world experience for the Ferrari enthusiasts.

The wonders of the Ferrari World will make you desire this place so much that you will never want to leave it again! It is not for those having a faint heart, but even if you are, there is still plenty for you to do while the others have fun on the rides. So, when are you booking your tickets to Abu Dhabi? Emirates Airlines are one of the most sought-after airlines for a visit to Abu Dhabi. So, book your tickets fast, and get the Emirates airlines web check-in done as soon as possible so that you can avail exciting offers and amenities!