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Identifying the Differences Between Luxury Hotels and Budget Hotels

Hotel is defined simply as a place that is providing paid lodging on short term basis. In its early years, the accommodations offered were so basic, typically a bed, cupboard, washstand and small table. Most rooms these days come with modern facilities to make their guest’s stay convenient. Aside from bathrooms, there are also air conditioning, television, telephone, mini-bar with drinks and snacks as well as Wi-Fi for easy internet access.

The truth is, there have been major changes in hotel accommodations as time pass by. There are various kinds of hotels that fit every person’s needs, tastes and above everything else, budget. Basically, there are two major types of hotels today and these are budget hotels and luxury hotels. Even though these two hotels offer the same amenities and facilities, it is undeniable that they have significant differences.

Let us look at what budget hotels are. These are basically perfect for guests and travelers who don’t want to go beyond their budget. Most have communal toilets but rest assure to be provided with washing and bed facilities, everything basic that someone needs for a nice stay.

Majority of the budget hotels operating today are older and they’re clean but not par to the standards followed by luxury hotels. These budget hotels normally are equipped with fixtures and have not much to offer except free newspaper or simple breakfast which is sometimes included in their rate.

The rates for a budget hotel will greatly vary depending on their location. In some other countries as well as states, budget hotels could be charging guests somewhere around 45 to 119 dollars per day.

When compared to luxury hotels, people who have lavish and extravagant lifestyle are the frequent guests. Employees who work at such hotels have received training to cater the needs of guests. They are aiming to offer guests with all luxuries desired throughout their stay. These hotels were built in a way that guests can be stress free as possible. Not only that, luxury hotel’s basic amenities are very far from budget hotels as it’s common for them to have swimming pools, beauty centers that can do various beauty treatments, in-house bars and restaurants, laundry service, gym area and even spas that offer massages.

All these said services aren’t free of course and they are priced higher than budget hotels. Some other services you can have in luxury hotels are free newspaper, free room service, better channel selections on TV.

The choice between budget and luxury hotels fall upon the person’s budget and personal preferences.

What Do You Know About Vacations

What Do You Know About Vacations