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What Canadian Law Says About Pardon Application

If you visited a particular country and tried to compare their law and the law you have in your country, you would realize there are some discrepancies here and there in terms of law nature and application. It is to your benefit if you can have the understanding of what different laws in different countries mean starting with the laws of the countries you frequently visit for vacation or business reasons. When you see some people facing some serious challenges in courts, it happens because the victim never knew anything about that law or they knew it but decided to defy it. One of the countries you need to learn more about their laws in Canada.

Nobody would like to get a long jail term over some minor mistakes they would have avoided if they begged for a pardon as the Canadian law stipulates. Anyone could find themselves being a convict of a crime whether major or minor in a country like Canada, but the most important thing to do is getting a pardon as quickly as you can. The first thing to do when you want to be pardoned for the alleged crime is convincing the Canadian Parole Board beyond doubt that you have a good track record as a citizen of his country.

It is hard to get a pardon if those checking your criminal record happen to find that you once committed a crime sometime back and you probably forgot about it. It is hard for any employer to ask the person applying for a job if they have ever held a criminal record or not. Many of the Canadian employers you will come across will only show interest in knowing whether you were a convict who was denied a pardon. Here, most people give false answers to secure a job since they know the employer may not dig deep into the past conviction.

In most cases, you are expected to first serve the given sentence before you apply to be pardoned. What you need to ensure you do is having your fines paid and any of the parole as well as any probation fully served. Once you are through with the pardon application process, the next thing you do is have a waiting period based on what the Canadian law requires.

One of the things that would determine for how long you would have to wait is the seriousness of the crime you are said to have committed. Those who are alleged to have committed summary offenses or lesser crimes have their waiting period of about three years. For people with sexual and murder offenses, the waiting period cannot be shorter than five years.

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